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Dental Hygiene Clinic



There is so much more to dental hygiene than just the regular "cleaning".

As primary healthcare professionals, serving the public directly, we practice the FULL SCOPE OF PRACTICE FOR DENTAL HYGIENIST. We provide a wide range of preventative, maintenance and therapeutic services.




A thorough oral health examamination which includes an oral cancer screening. 

scale  & polish


Also known as "cleaning".

The removal of hard plaque/tartar followed by the polishing of teeth and then fluoride application.

fissure sealants


A thin, white protective layer is placed on the grooves of the chewing surfaces of the back teeth to help prevent cavities.

non-invasive fillings


An alternative treatment that involves the removal of decay using hand or rotary instruments in a manner which concerves the tooth.



The small decayed area is cleaned and resin material is placed to fill the cavity. A fissure sealant is then applied on the rest of the fissure system.



teeth whitening


Zoom Whitening - Dash

x6 twenty minute sessions

Immediate results.

Up to 4 shades lighter.



teeth desensitizing


Desensitizing agents can be applied to close up the microscopic holes in your teeth to prevent the sensation of pain.



Custom made Nightguards and Sportguards.