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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Independent Oral Hygienist?

An Independent Oral Hygineist is a licensed and registered primary health care professional. Oral Hygienists provide full oral health care, focusing on the prevention and treatment of oral disease.  A Hygienist helps you to maintain your teeth and gums, as well as your overall health. Oral hygienists are required to work under the supervision of a Dentist or Specialist, however, as an Independent Dental hygienist, we are qualified to work on our own.

What happens if I require treatment that you cannot provide?

We will refer you to your family Dentist. With your permission, we will also send a treatment report to your Dentist addressing results or any concerns noted during your assessments.

Do you accept Medical aid? What are your methods of payment?

Yes, we accept all major medical aids and claim directly from them. However, some medical aid options (usually Network plans) do not cover treatment at an oral hygiene practice. We therefore strongly advise that you confirm with your medical aid or request us to confirm prior to your appointment.


We also accept cash, visa, mastercard and debit.

Do you take x-rays?

No, we are a radiation free clinic. We recommend that your x-rays are taken at your Dentist once a year.

Is a dental cleaning painful?

No. a dental cleaning is simply the removal of hardend plaque. Some patients who usually suffer from sensitive teeth might experience some discomfort during the cleaning. In such instances we apply desensitizing agents. Our hygienist provides thorough care with gentle hands thus ensuring a comfortable and pleasant experience every time.